QLTR Conveyancing Procedures

Conveyancing - Title to Bona Vacantia Assets

The QLTR requires to complete title before the QLTR can deal with heritable property as bona vacantia .

A draft Royal Warrant is required. QLTR office supplies a pro forma draft copy for completion by solicitors.

The Royal Warrant is essentially the Sovereign’s instruction to the Keeper of the Registers of Scotland (ROS) to grant title to the relevant heritable property. The Royal Warrant also contains the specific conveyancing description of the property which the QLTR is considering for sale.

The accuracy of that draft description is checked by the Keeper, then the engrossed Warrant is sent to London by QLTR for execution on behalf of the Sovereign.

On receipt of the signed Royal Warrant by the Keeper, the Keeper issues a Deed of Gift in name of the Sovereign to the QLTR. 

The Deed of Gift is the QLTR’s document of title.  QLTR will provide a copy of the extract Deed of Gift received from ROS.

Please note that the process from the time of approval by ROS of the extended draft Royal Warrant to the delivery to the QLTR by the Keeper of an executed Deed of Gift takes between six and eight weeks.  It cannot be accelerated.

Following receipt of the Deed of Gift, QLTR can grant a Disposition. The Disposition will narrate the deduction of the QLTR’s title via the Deed of Gift.  QLTR supply a pro forma draft copy Disposition for completion by solicitors.