Class 2: Functions and Services



Class 2: How we deliver our functions and services


Class Description:

Information about our work, our strategy and policies for delivering functions and services and information for our users.


The information we publish under this class



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Bona Vacantia


  • Company administrative restoration


  • QLTR Conveyancing Procedures

Ultimus Haeres

  • Estates reported to QLTR but not yet determined if a UH estate or formally accepted as one


  • Estates reported to QLTR from 1 April 2011 which were not accepted as UH estates

  • Estates in the course of administration by QLTR

  • Estates on which administration has been completed and which remain available for claim

Treasure Trove

Code of Practice for Treasure Trove in Scotland


Treasure Trove in Scotland Annual Reports


Treasure Trove Scotland


Asset Register

Customer Feedback Policy