FOI Requests and Responses


Under section 1 of FOISA, a person who requests information from a Scottish public authority which holds it, is entitled to be given it by the authority (subject to a number of exceptions set out in FOISA). In addition to responding to individual requests for information, the QLTR also makes available a range of material through our Publication Scheme.

In order to expand on our commitment to greater transparency under FOISA, we also publish information we have provided to applicants where that information is of wider interest than to the person who requested it.  This can be found below, which lists requests and responses from April 2011, in date order, starting with the most recent.

While we do try to provide as much information as possible, there are some requests which relate to exempt information (which does not require to be released under FOISA) where we are not able to provide information to applicants.

Date of Response    Details of Request

08/03/17 - Request relating to genealogical information the QLTR may hold in relation to UH202/09 and UH/198/09

Response - 13 March 2017

09/02/17 - Request for information regarding bona vacantia property/funds on individual cases since 2010

Response - 21 February 2017

02/09/16 - Request relating to information held regarding title investigations for an area of land at Travebank Gardens, Monifieth

Response - 2 September 2016

18/04/16 - Request for information regarding the roadway known as Elliot Terrace, Falkirk

Response -  18 April 2016

17/03/16 - Request for information regarding (1) Two carved stone balls (2) two romano-celtic and celtic heads

Response - 17/3/16

20/01/16 - Request for confirmation of number of staff working at QLTR

Response - 20/1/16

28/09/15 - Request for a copy of the files including maps, reports, files and any photographs in relation to 5 Treasure Trove finds and to be advised if all of the items been handed over to Stewartry Museum.

Response - 28/9/15

28/09/15 - Request for of all correspondence, including telephone records and emails and all documents received by and issued from QLTR in respect of the sale of the grass verge adjacent to 10 Springfield Road, including any negotiations, offers or intimations of interest from the person to whom we have sold the subjects or any other party and for the same materials for the valuation of £3000, how it was reached and copies of any correspondence in relation to that valuation between QLTR, the District Valuer and any other relevant party or party.

Response - 28 September 2015

30/03/15 - Request to be supplied with all email correspondence sent out or received between 17th March and 19th March by every member of our senior management team which contains any of the following words: Daffodil, Mombasa, Maersk, Hephaestus, Vaccine.

Response - 30 March 2015

24/02/15 - Request for contact details for the people that are responsible for purchasing Staff ID Cards and card wearing accessories such as lanyars, card holders etc, door access/swipe card or Fobs, plastic card printer ribbons and any other ID card related consumables

Response - 24 February 2015

11/07/14 -  Request for details as to number of employee who were given voluntary redundancy, compulsory redundancy,  early retirement, compromise agreements or any other form of severence in the financial year 2013/14 and costs of these and total of full-time equivalent staff headcount in the same financial year

Response - 11 July 2014

12/06/14     Request for information on the title to property of a dissolved company and documents.

Response - 12 June 2014

09/05/14       Request for identification of those parties who have intimated an interest in subjects with a view to submitting an offer.

Response - 9 May 2014

26/03/14     Request for information about the number of contracts awarded by the QLTR to a supported business in the last 5 years.

Response - 26 March 2014

07/08/13        Request for information as to a deceased's family members, wives and children

Response - 7 August 2013

26/07/13      Request for information re how many staff employed directly by the QLTR were employed on a Zero Hours contract in each of the past five years

Response - 26 July 2013

01/02/13         Request for information re ulimus haeres estates and QLTR procedures

Response- 1 February 2013

31/01/13       Request regarding land at Harvey Square, Lochwinnoch

Response-  31 January 2013

10/01/13       Inquiry sent to the Treasure Trove Unit for information on finds on the Abercairny Estate, Fowlis Wester in the last 10 years.

Response- 10 January 2013


07/01/13         Request regarding land at Harvey Square, Lochwinnoch

Response - 7 January 2013

07/01/13         Request for all genealogical/disclosable information held by QLTR re Michael Curran (aka Coron) who died on 9 July 2007 in Edinburgh.

Response - 7 January 2013

18/12/12     Request for information to assist in locating the deceased Dmytris (formerly Dmytro) Kalka's place of birth and family

Response   18 December 2012

23/11/12      Request for information re voluntary redundancies, compulsory redundancies, early retirements, severence or other payments on termination of employment and comprise agreements for individuals in each financial years since 2007/08.

Response - 23 November 2012

06/11/12        Request for a list of estates fallen to the Crown in Scotland, which seems to be unavailable from the website. In particular Murlaggan, Bohenie and Achnacoichan  area

Response - 6 November 2012

25/09/12         Request regarding land at Harvey Square, Lochwinnoch

Response  - 25 September 2012

16/05/12         Request for information re the estate of Carole Ann Denmark and general information re the advertisement of high value estates.

Response –  16 May 2012

20/04/12         Request for information re media and press officers, their salaries, expenditure and expenditure re external PR agencies

Response –   20 April 2012

11/11/11       Request for Employee details, childcare schemes and how scheme providers procured

Response –  11 November 2011

11/10/11       Request for information re the estate of Felicja Mazurek.

Response –  11 October 2011

22/07/11         Request for information re the estate of Ivan Werhun.

Response –   22 July 2011

07/07/11          Request for information re the estates of Margaret Nora Ritchie, Theresa O’Brien, Catherine Langley, Kathleen Mulligan & Elizabeth Boswell.

Response -   7 July 2011


18/05/11         Request for Request for information re the estate of Michael McLoughlin.

Response –  18 May 2011


11/05/11         Request for information re net receipts transferred to the Scottish Consolidated Fund since devolution.

Response –  11 May 2011


09/05/11          Request for information re the estates of Katherine Stronach, John Stevenson, Felicja Mazurek, Norma Jarvie, John Lloyd, John McGill, Mary Macauley,Derek        Hardie, Ian McDougall and Patrick Glynn.

Response –  9 May 2011


03/05/11          Request for information in relation to what basis finds are to be reported to the Treasure Trove Unit rather than the Police under the Civic Government (Scotland)  Act, what legal advice the Unit have had and copy papers regarding the compatibility of procedures under the 1982 Act.

Response -  3 May 2011

12/04/11         Request for information re the estate of Patrick Glynn, Robert Renton, Andrew Murphy, Ian McDougall, Crighton Finlay, and Isabella Bell.

Response –  12 April 2011

08/04/11          Request for information re the estates of Patrick Glynn, Robert Renton, Andrew Murphy, Ian McDougall, Crighton Findlay and Isabella Bell.

Response -  8 April 2011

04/10/12        Request for details as to legal costs for advice or legal opinion re how to respond to FOI enquiry.

Response - 4 October 2012